Where are the peace voices in the conflict over Nagorno Karabakh?
, 2020-11-10
We want to bring to the public voices calling for peace resolution of conflict over Nagorno Karabakh.
Peace is priceless
, 2020-11-08
We appeal to both sides of the conflict for a peaceful dialogue and we call on civil societies to unite in the pursuit of peace. We greatly appreciate people who, despite growing hatred, speak out in public and call for a peaceful resolution.
Is Mykolayiv, Ukraine going to use renewable energy only?
, 2020-03-10
Several Ukrainian cities and municipalities already committed to transition to 100 % renewable energy, which should help to cut Ukrainian greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate emergency. Civic initiative and newly registered organization Mykolayiv – City of the Sun wants their home city of half a million inhabitants to join suit.
Programme of support of the civil society in Ukraine 2020
, 2020-03-03
Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ invites you to participate in the civil society support programme for Ukraine The Initiative Way and offers the possibility to obtain support for your civil campaigns and initiatives in 2020. The programme is focused on initiatives from Kherson, Mykolaiv and Kirovohrad regions.