Program of support for initiatives in Ukraine 2023
, 2023-05-03
Шлях ініціативи – програма підтримки в Україні 2023 року Чеська неурядова некомерційна організація “NESEHNUTÍ” у рамках програми Шлях ініціативи запрошує Вас взяти участь у конкурсі на підтримку громадських ініціатив України та пропонує свою допомогу в організації Вашої громадянської діяльності. опис програми та аплікаційна форма тут Учасниками програми можуть стати: Громадські ініціативи, неурядові некомерційні організації, незалежні...Read more
Program of support for initiatives in Georgia 2023
, 2023-02-01
Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ and a Georgian NGO Abkhazintercont invite you to participate in the civil society support program in Georgia and offer the opportunity to receive support for your civil campaigns and projects for the period from April 2023 till December 2023. Donor of the program: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Eligible...Read more
Joint statement by Arnika and NESEHNUTÍ on the plan to expand the gold mine in the Armenian settlement of Karaberd
, 2022-11-07
With this joint statement by the two organizations Arnika and NESEHNUTÍ, we respond to the latest developments in the Karaberd settlement in the Lori region of Armenia, where public hearings on the plan to expand the gold mining operations in Karaberd are being held on the November t 04.11.2022.  November 4, 2022 Given the circumstances...Read more
Summer School of Activism in Georgia
, 2022-10-01
What has become absolutely clear is that strengthening a country’s democracy means creating an environment in which a new generation of leaders and activists can engage in open discussions and influence decision-making. A more active and informed segment of the youth can contribute to the implementation of reforms in the country, provided they are well-informed,...Read more