Joint statement by Arnika and NESEHNUTÍ on the plan to expand the gold mine in the Armenian settlement of Karaberd
, 2022-11-07
With this joint statement by the two organizations Arnika and NESEHNUTÍ, we respond to the latest developments in the Karaberd settlement in the Lori region of Armenia, where public hearings on the plan to expand the gold mining operations in Karaberd are being held on the November t 04.11.2022.  November 4, 2022 Given the circumstances...Read more
Support for civil society in Ukraine: timeline
, 2022-09-30
Since the beginning of full-scale invasion of Russian armed forces into Ukraine which started on 24 February 2022, NESEHNUTI and its programme The Initiative Way has been providing various kinds of support for representatives of civil society in Ukraine. See a timeline of selected actions of support on a donation page. Help us save the...Read more
In Focus: The Continuing Efforts to Provide Humanitarian Support For Ukraine
, 2022-09-26
Provision of drinking water for the most vulnerable, assistance to victims of sexual violence commited by Russian soldiers, evacuation of Crimean Tatars, and the supply of material aid corresponding to the needs of Ukrainian civic organizations. These are just some of the ways that Brno non-profit organization NESEHNUTÍ is helping Ukraine. The motivation to lend...Read more
International Barcamp on Public Participation in Climate Change Solutions
, 2022-09-20
The project “International Barcamp on Public Participation in Climate Change Solutions” is part of a long-term cooperation between 7 partners from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine with main aim: to present possible pro-climate measures at municipal level by offering new solutions to the fight against climate change and raising awareness of environmental...Read more