Joint statement by Arnika and NESEHNUTÍ on the plan to expand the gold mine in the Armenian settlement of Karaberd
, 2022-11-07
With this joint statement by the two organizations Arnika and NESEHNUTÍ, we respond to the latest developments in the Karaberd settlement in the Lori region of Armenia, where public hearings on the plan to expand the gold mining operations in Karaberd are being held on the November t 04.11.2022.  November 4, 2022 Given the circumstances...Read more
NESEHNUTÍ helped two environmental groups in Kropyvnytskiy, Ukraine plan civic campaigns
, 2019-12-02
On the weekend 30 November – 1 December, two environmental groups met at the KOWO creative coworking space in the regional capital Kropyvnytskiy, Ukraine, to plan their civic campaigns. Facilitators from NESEHNUTÍ Barbora Jelínková and Martin Hyťha together with experienced campaigner Mark Fodor helped the two initiatives to develop a strategy to defend the environmental rights of local citizens.
Programme of support of the civil society in Armenia 2020
, 2019-08-15
Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ ( invites you to participate in the civil society support program for Armenia and offer a possibility to obtain support for your civil campaigns and initiatives for year 2020.
A Unique Collection Analysing Mechanisms of Pro-Kremlin Propaganda in the Central and Eastern Europe Released
, 2018-05-28
A unique collection offering detailed insight into how pro-Kremlin propaganda and disinformation work in Visegrad countries and the Eastern Europe is available now. It focuses on common as well as specific features of the phenomena of pro-Kremlin propaganda. Moreover, the collection presents also the initiatives and steps that were taken by different actors in the regions to face the propaganda.
Brno Will Welcome Experts on Pro-Kremlin Propaganda
, 2018-05-22
Brno will welcome experts on disinformation, hoaxes and pro-Kremlin propaganda from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria. On 23-24 May, the experts will take part in a conference where they will present a collection of texts titled Characteristics of pro-Kremlin propaganda in Central and Eastern Europe and practical examples how to tackle it.
NESEHNUTÍ met Armenian ecological organization Ecolur at the end of October
, 2017-12-06
NESEHNUTÍ together with Ecolur had an opportunity to visit Ardvi village located in the north of Armenia. It is currently considered one of the ecological hot spots in Armenia, due to ongoing plans about opening of a new gold-polymetalic mine. Locals gathered in the center of village and shared their concerns regarding this project.
Activists discuss civic campaigns and tackling propaganda at international BarCamp in Kutaisi, Georgia
, 2017-03-24
Today, civic activists from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan together with those from Ukraine, Slovakia, Czechia and other countries start to discuss their campaigns at international BarCamp in Kutaisi, Georgia, organized by Czech NGO NESEHNUTI together with Georgian organization Abkhazintercont.
Sport for Rights – Joint Statement on release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan
, 2016-03-21
We, the undersigned members of the Sport for Rights coalition, express our relief over the release of 15 political prisoners in Azerbaijan. Human rights defender Rasul Jafarov, the founder of the Sport for Rights campaign, stepped out from Baku’s Prison Number 10 into freedom on 17 March after spending 593 days unjustly jailed. The same day, the European Court of Human Rights issued a judgment in Jafarov’s case, acknowledging that his arrest and detention were politically motivated.
NESEHNUTÍ Hosts Activists and Journalists from south Caucasus
, 2015-10-05
Today begins a study tour in the Czech Republic for a representatives of NGOs and independent media organizations from the South Caucasus. They came at the invitation of the Independent social ecological movement – NESEHNUTÍ that provides support their public campaigns implemented in the south Caucasus. The aim of their stay in our country is to establish contacts with NGOs, media and experts dealing with the topics that Caucasian NGOs deal at home.
NESEHNUTÍ Hosts Trainees from South Caucasus
, 2015-06-14
Thirteen people from South Caucasus NGOs came to the Czech Republic today. They came upon invitation of NESEHNUTÍ – The Independent Social Environmental Movement – who provides support to their public campaigns in South Caucasus.
NESEHNUTÍ: Our Activities In Conflict Zones Will Continue in 2015
, 2014-12-30
Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ will continue to support civil initiatives in South Caucasus and Ukraine in 2015. This will make it possible to continue the journalist campaign for free right to information in Abkhazia, the campaign for monitoring human rights in Nagorno-Kharabakh prisons, the initiative for barrier-free Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, or the initiative for monitoring large companies mining gold by cyanidation in Azerbaijan.
In Prague, people appealed to Azerbaijan to release political prisoners
, 2014-11-27
Twenty people demonstrated at the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Prague in protest of imprisonment of human rights defenders in this country in the Caucasus. They held photos of the Azerbaijani political prisoners, whose overall number exceeds 100. The event called “Non-freedom in Azerbaijan burns us up” was organized by Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ, which has for many years supported civic initiatives in the South Caucasus via its program The Initiative Way.
Will MEPs help political prisoners in Azerbaijan?
, 2014-11-18
Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ sends an appeal to all Members of European Parliament. The NGO asks them to join the appeal to release political prisoners in Azerbaijan addressed to the President of Azerbaijan.
Trutnov Festival Bands Are Calling for Release of Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan
, 2014-08-20
Music bands MIG 21, Už jsme doma and the legendary Plastic People of the Universe are calling for release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan. All three bands will present this appeal at Trutnov Open Air festival starting today.
Ask About Political Prisoners, Czech Civil Society Organizations Appealed to President Zeman
, 2014-04-02
Czech organizations NESEHNUTI, DEMAS and People in Need sent today an open letter to the Czech President, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senate President. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, will come to Prague in April. We appeal to Czech statesmen for asking him about human rights and political prisoners in Azerbaijan during his visit, and for organizing public press conference with him.
NESEHNUTÍ: Three Years in the Caucasus
, 2013-10-21
A 10-day study visit of 13 representatives of non-profit organizations and civic initiatives from the South Caucasus to the Central Europe is just under way. The participants came at the invitation of Czech non-profit organization NESEHNUTÍ (Independent Social Ecological Movement), which supports projects and civic initiatives in Abkhazia, Armenia, Georgia and South Ossetia.
NESEHNUTÍ launched a series of workshops for civic activists in South Caucasus
, 2013-05-14
The Czech NGO Independent Social Ecological Movement (NESEHNUTÍ) has launched series of supportive workshops for civic activists in various parts of the South Caucasus region. Civic initiatives from Georgia, Armenia, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, around 100 representatives in total, now have an opportunity to learn how to plan and perform advocacy campaigns, how to use social networks in the campaigns or how to promote human rights and tackle prejudices.
Study visit to the Czech Republic
, 2012-03-01
From October 8 to 18, 2011, the study visit was held in Czech Republic in Prague and Brno. The competition and visit was organized by the Czech non-governmental organization (NGO) NESEHNUTI. Six organizations from Georgia (three from Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and 3 organizations from Abkhazia) took part in the study visit.