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About Us

In Czechia, civil society has already flourished. Now is the time to help in places where it is just developing.
The Initiative Way helps active people abroad to change their country for the better. We focus on Eastern Europe, mostly South Caucasus or Ukraine. We emphasize the promotion of the following values: human rights, environmental protection and animal rights. We support local initiatives through consultations and funding.


we have provided to the initiatives for their campaigns.


have worked with us in the South Caucasus and Ukraine.


of helping activists to change the world around them.

Stories of Help

News from the World Made It to the Mountain Ridge
Yerevan City Is Accessible for People with Disabilities
Prisoners' Rights in the Karabakh Prison Matter
Victims of Domestic Violence Have a Safe Place to Hide
Dealing with the Authorities Is No Longer a Nightmare
Human Rights Activists Were Released from Prison
Civic campaigns, which we implemented thanks to The Initiative Way programme, increased rating of our organization among local citizens and in the eyes of international donors.
Boris Kudar, Mykolayiv, Ukraine
The Initiative Way tought us what is a democracy in life. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you won, because during the campaign, you found allies and felt your abilities.
Larisa Horyslavets, civic campaign of journalists and activists “Open Access”, Kremenchuk, Poltava region, Ukraine
The Initiative Way program supported us at the very beginning of our journey. The support has become a basis for our rapid and long term development.
Rima Garibjan, Open Borders, Akhalkalaki, Georgia

Programme of Support

Are you a civic initiative or an NGO from South Caucasus or southern Ukraine? Have a more detailed look at our programme of support and if you think our programme could be relevant for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also check our current open calls.

What's New

How to survive in a cyberspace and not go crazy
, 2024-04-11
In this cybersecurity training, we’ll introduce key concepts and tools that help protect personal and corporate data. We will discuss the CIA triad and its three core pillars: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Next, we’ll explore the security matrix and show how to use it to map and strengthen your security strategy. We also discuss identifying...Read more
Declaration of support for Armenian civil society against pressure from mining companies
, 2024-03-07
In recent years, Armenian civil society initiatives working on the environmental or human health impacts of intensive mining have increasingly faced pressure from mining companies. The forms of pressure include defamation, threats, as well as civil lawsuits against human rights defenders or environmental activists. We, together with international human rights networks and other civil society...Read more
Program of support for initiatives in Armenia 2024
, 2024-03-04
Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ (  in partnership with Armenian organizations Centre of Community Mobilization and Support  ( ) and Civil Youth Centre ( invite you to take part in the programme to support the development of civil society in Armenia and offer you the opportunity to receive support for your civic campaigns and initiatives for the...Read more