Media School in Abkhazia

, 2021-12-16

We have been unable to get to the Black Sea region of Abkhazia, where we have been supporting local civic initiatives and NGOs for many years, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. But this did not stop us from organizing a Media School there in cooperation with our partners (Sukhumi Youth House). It was launched in October, and continued in November 2021, with another round to be held in 2022. Two dozen young people, students, aspiring bloggers, and citizen journalists discussed topics such as: independent media and freedom of speech, verification of information and the fight against disinformation, free access to information, digital security and critical thinking. Among the lecturers was the well-known Czech journalist Petra Procházková, who worked as a war correspondent in Abkhazia during the war in the 1990s and a co-founder of the media outlet VOXPOT.CZ Vojtěch Boháč, who in the past visited Abkhazia as a journalist within the framework of the activities of NESEHNUTÍ. Now both of them have shared their experience online.