VideoWay – how eco-activists learned about making caption videos

, 2021-11-25

​​Is it possible to learn how to shoot and edit a caption video in just a few weeks? The participants of the VideoWay online course proved that it is possible!

The course brought together 24 environmental activists from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus. The participants got active in October 2021: VideoWay consisted of 8 training webinars and a series of individual mentoring sessions. They learned not only how to technically shoot and edit video, but also how to immerse themselves in the philosophy of storytelling, how and where to find materials for their work, respecting copyrights, and how to promote media content in social networks.

VideoWay course timeline

Professional videographers, activists and independent journalists from different countries accompanied participants on this educational adventure. Thanks to their support, the activists created their own caption videos about environmental issues in their regions.

Here are some examples of the participants final works:

Olena's video

Nikolay’s video