Stray dogs in Abkhazian towns

, 2021-11-25

For many years, in Black Sea Abkhazia the method of controlling stray dogs in the city was to shoot them right in the city streets. The city halls even paid hired gunmen “per head” for shooting dogs in the cities. NESEHNUTÍ supported two groups of local women – animal rights activists – who, through their civic campaign, got the local administration to finally ban the inhumane shooting of wild animals. The city hall is now using the funds saved to vaccinate and sterilize the animals and to build a dog shelter, which is being built by one of the groups we supported. After a successful campaign against the cruel treatment of stray animals in the city of Sukhumi, another Abkhazian city, Gagra, followed suit. We congratulate the local activists on saving a large number of animals and on their successful multi-year campaign.