Program of support for initiatives in Georgia 2023

, 2023-02-01

Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ and a Georgian NGO Abkhazintercont invite you to participate in the civil society support program in Georgia and offer the opportunity to receive support for your civil campaigns and projects for the period from April 2023 till December 2023.

Donor of the program: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Eligible participants:
NGOs, independent media, informal groups, civil initiatives or activists and local organizations working at the border regions of Georgia: Adjaria, Samche-Javacheti, Kvemo-Kartli and Kacheti.

Support shall not be granted to political parties or formally or informally affiliated organizations (youth or expert organizations etc.)

Priority topics and forms of activities supported in this program:

  • Protection of the environment, climate, nature or animal rights;
  • Public participation in the decision-making process, free access to information;
  • Equal opportunities for men and women, prevention of domestic violence;
  • Independent and investigative journalism
  • Protection of human rights (including civil and social rights, rights of minorities and low-income groups).

What can the selected initiatives look forward to?

  • Selected groups and initiatives will take part in a planning session with professional facilitators, with the help of who they will be able to develop their ideas into concrete plans, and then implement them from April to December 2023.
  • Financial support for your campaign in the average amount of EUR 2,000.
  • Consultations with foreign experts online and offline, expert consultations on demand, operational support for your initiative

What ideas, campaigns and initiatives are we looking for?

Only those which can help activate the part of the public with a goal to reach concrete changes and results in a problem.

Examples of suitable project proposals (examples, not only):

  • activity aimed at mobilizing the community to solve urgent problems,
  • protection of the rights of vulnerable categories of citizens,
  • activity aimed at strategic solutions for the development of local communities,
  • activity aimed at solving environmental problems…

We draw your attention to the fact that project actions should be aimed at creating certain measures or changes, and not at one-time actions or assistance.

What applications are not suitable?

Social work projects, one-time events, various educational and general education campaigns, lectures or publishing information materials that do not set as a goal specific systemic changes.

Main Dates

February 26, 2023 - the last day for accepting your application forms (proposals received after this deadline will not be evaluated).

February 27, 2023 - all candidates will receive information on the results of the competition. We will agree on the date of the personal meeting with the selected candidates.

February  28 - March 1, 2023 - online meetings with selected candidates (the meeting is not a guarantee that you were finally chosen and included in the support program).

March 25 - 26, 2023 - working meeting, where you will make a detailed plan of your project with the help of an expert facilitator. Attendance at the meeting is obligatory (3-4 participants from each of the selected initiatives). The meeting will take place in Kutaisi. All expenditures will be covered by the organizers.

April 2023 - December 2023 - the actual implementation of projects, and provision of expert support as needed.

September 2023 - seminar where we will evaluate your interim results of the campaign together and based on that prepare an update of the campaign plan.

Autumn 2023 - monitoring meetings and evaluation of the projects.

You can find the application form here in English and here in Russian.

Please send your applications in English or Russian by February 26, 2023:  &

For more information, contact:

The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the framework of the transformational cooperation programme.