Peace is priceless

, 2020-11-08

The social ecological movement NESEHNUTÍ has been working in the South Caucasus for 10 years. We help active citizens to change their countries and communities for the better, we try to promote human rights values ​​ regardless of territories. We have partners, colleagues and friends in all parts of the South Caucasus, including disputed lands. We support civil society and share concerns about the development of the situation, regardless of the boundaries between territories. 

We care about individual people and we believe that maintaining human dignity and conditions that respect the rights of every human being is a priority. We are against war! 

In the Czech Republic, we oppose the export of weapon material to countries with authoritarian regimes and conflict zones, and we also draw attention to problematic aspects of the militarization of society. We have been monitoring the arms trade in the Czech Republic and its effects on the human rights situation since the establishment of NESEHNUTÍ in 1997. 

We are following with concern the development of the military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, where both sides use cluster bombs and other weapons prohibited by international humanitarian law. Houses and schools, cultural and natural monuments are being destroyed by cruel weapons and the civilian population is dying on both sides. Furthermore, the war is also devastating the environment.

We watch with bated breath news reports from the war and fear we will see the names of familiar places in both Armenia or Azerbaijan - Ganja, Vardenis and other places that have already been hit by the war. We fear we will see familiar faces of friends in these reports. NESEHNUTÍ condemns the Czech Republic's arms exports, and in an open letter we called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomas Petricek to immediately halt arms exports to Turkey, which is now involved in the armed conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region on the part of Azerbaijan.

We also appeal to both sides of the conflict for a peaceful dialogue and we call on civil societies to unite in the pursuit of peace. We greatly appreciate people who, despite growing hatred, speak out in public and call for a peaceful resolution. 

Stopping the conflict at all costs should be a priority not only for Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also for the Czech Republic and the rest of the world. The only solution is peace.