Publication of Information on Municipal Contracts

Initiative: Successful City Mykolaiv

Location: Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv Oblast

Year: 2019-2020

Website: (in Ukrainian and Russian)

The city of Mykolaiv has been investing a large part of its budget in projects aimed at making buildings more energy efficient, such as the thermal insulation of schools. This would be good – if the contracts for these projects did not seem significantly overpriced and if the municipality stopped refusing to provide information about these projects.

The organization Successful City Mykolaiv has therefore developed a draft of standards for providing information and have been campaigning for their adoption by the city council. The standards would create a formal procedure that would actively publish similar projects on the city’s website, giving thus the public full access to them and making it possible to oversee the management of public funds.

The campaign is currently working on the creation of a list of suppliers who have failed to meet their obligations in a timely or adequate manner, which should prevent their further participation in the city’s tenders. The organization also litigates cases where the non-disclosure of information is illegal.