For transparent healthcare in times of a pandemic

Initiative: Training Center for the Defense of Human Rights

Location: Mykolaiv

Year: 2020-2021

Website: In response to the lack of medicines and medical supplies, as well as the increased burden that hospitals have faced during the coronavirus pandemic, the Ukrainian government has set aside over 100 million euros to fight the pandemic. At the same time, it drew up a list of what hospitals are allowed to spend these funds on. However, out of fear of possible mismanagement of the funds and knowing how opportunity can invite corruption, an initiative by the Training Center for the Defense of Human Rights has begun to regularly check whether Mykolaiv’s hospitals are handling these funds in accordance with the government decree. This watch-dog activity is proving to be extremely needed, as it has alerted the Mykolaiv public to the abuses being made by some hospitals in the form of purchasing selected medical supplies at excessive prices. In addition, local groups of seniors were mobilized and agreed to join the efforts of monitoring hospital management. The result should be hospitals that are better prepared to manage the increased burden associated with the pandemic through the more effective management of funds.