Is Mykolayiv, Ukraine going to use renewable energy only?

, 2020-03-10

Several Ukrainian cities and municipalities already committed to transition to 100 % renewable energy, which should help to cut Ukrainian greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate emergency. Civic initiative and newly registered organization Mykolayiv – City of the Sun wants their home city of half a million inhabitants to join suit. As a city in the southern part of Ukraine, it gets a lot of sun irradiation and thus has a great potential to produce solar energy (therefore “City of the Sun”).

The initiative already collected more than four thousand signatures of local residents demanding transition to the renewables and established a dialogue with the city council.

During the last weekend of February 2020, NESEHNUTÍ in its programme The Initiative Way helped Mykolayiv – City of the Sun develop a sound campaign plan, set goals, develop communication strategy and further steps to be done.