3rd Ukraine-Czech BarCamp to take place in Kherson

, 2017-11-09

NESEHNUTÍ is launching the 3rd Ukraine-Czech BarCamp which is taking place in the South Ukraine town of Kherson on 12th and 13th of November. It is a meeting point for experienced and starting civic initiatives, independent media representatives and campaign leaders. BarCamp is not just about networking and fostering cooperation between media and public, but also about sharing innovation and experience with good and bad practice. Representatives from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and Transnistria are coming to share their inspiration.

In mid November there is going to be 3rd Czech-Ukraine Barcamp taking place in Kherson. It is organized by NESEHNUTÍ together with its partner organizations and the local library as part of its program The Initiative Way [1]. The organizational team decided to use the proven concept of BarCamp where participants participate actively and the workshops are run parallel to each other and at the same time do not take longer than ninety minutes.

There are about 50 participants expected to take part in 12 events. Confirmed headliners are:

Jana Smiggels Kavková, director of Forum 50%, Ondřej Soukup, journalist in Hospodarske noviny, Vojtěch Boháč, journalist, Ivo Bystřičan, screenwriter of documentary films, Taťána Revjako (Belarus), President of the Belarusian House of Human Rights and a member of a well known human rights organization Vjasna, Mark Fodor (Hungary), Director of CEE Bankwatch Network, Aljona Marčkova (Transnistria), former chairwoman of a human rights organization Apriori in Tiraspol.

Jakub Šimák, coordinator of NESEHNUTÍ’s activities in Ukraine said:

Our goal is to link up activists between each other and with independent media and experienced consultants using the format of BarCamp once again. The casual atmosphere of a BarCamp event is an ideal place to share experience and ideas.“

Petr Machálek, collaborator with NESEHNUTÍ, organizer and lecturer at BarCamp said:

A liberal society is not happening without actively engaged people and independent media which are in Ukraine as well as in the Czech Republic conditioning further democratic development. BarCamp is a great tool to mutually inspire, motivate and share good practice and to kickstart various other projects and activities.“

BarCamp is going to take place as a part of a long-term programme The Initiative Way in Ukraine. NESEHNUTÍ has supported 16 civic initiatives as of today in Ukraine. It has helped to plan civic campaigns and funded them with 350,000 CZK [2]. NESEHNUTÍ organized two Ukraine-Czech BarCamps, where almost a hundred people participated.

BarCamp can take place thanks to generous support from the International Visegrad Fund.


Jakub Šimák, +420 731 690 963, jakub@nesehnuti.cz

Petr Machálek, +420 777 308 113, petr.machalek@nesehnuti.cz


[1] more at http://en.cestainiciativy.cz/.

[2] more at http://en.cestainiciativy.cz/tema/ukraine/vystup/supported-initiatives/