Yerevan for All

We decided to help social workers from Yerevan, who were dissatisfied with the city's dilatory approach to residents with disabilities. They make up an estimated 6.2% of the Armenian population, and due to the poor accessibility of Armenian cities, 92% of them remain at home, unemployed.

In cooperation with the organization Armenian Camp, the Accessible City campaign was prepared. We have found that although Armenian laws require cities to care for the disabled and establish barrier-free access, this does not take place. In addition, money was set aside for the modifications of the city for this purpose, but it was not used.

Thanks to the campaign, the citizens of Yerevan began to monitor the management of the city budget and in 2013 the city began to build access ramps for people with disabilities.

The initiative also created an interactive map (, which documents problematic places, alerts the municipality to them and then records in the map photographs of whether or not the barrier has been removed, and if so, in what way.