We Are Children Too

Organization: Abkhaz State University Student Union

Location: Abkhazia

Year: 2012

The initiative opens an important issue which in Abkhazia is regarded largely as a taboo – it deals with the problem of the integration of disabled children into society. The problem is, children with disabilities are either confined to the only Abkhaz school for children with special needs in Sukhum, or they do not go to school at all. As a part of this project, a meeting has taken place to discuss the topic with various group representatives involved: NGOs, media, teachers and the head teacher of the school.

Possibilities of improvement were examined and concrete suggestions were made. Students of the Abkhaz State University arranged an all-day programme in the special school for its children with disabilities, with the support of consultations held with the politicians responsible and the heads of the school. A trip to Sochi is being planned for these children, given that most of them have never visited any place. Even more importantly, an extensive presentation of the topic is being prepared.

It is hoped that the minister of education will be able to take part in it and specific system changes will be identified which need to be employed for the improvement of the situation.