Support of Civic Journalism

Media outlets: and

Location: Kirovohrad Oblast (cities Znamyanka and Kropyvnytskyi)

Year: 2020


The coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine has brought, among other things, a significant drop in income for independent media outside the largest cities that had been covering a significant part of their costs through advertising. Fearing a possible economic crisis, many advertisers sat tight and the newsrooms suddenly found themselves without one of their main sources of income. The unexpected situation was particularly difficult for smaller regional media outlets that have refused to accept sponsor contributions from political parties, politicians, and oligarchs as they wish to stay independent. We therefore decided to support two independent media, and, in the Kirovohrad region, so that they can focus on the needed civic journalism and cover the neglected topics that have continued to arise in connection with the pandemic and the municipal elections taking place during autumn 2020.