Save the Teghut Forest!

An informal initiative of a couple of Armenian organizations attempts to stop the plan to open a new mine in northern Armenia, in the Teghut forest.

The molybdenum, copper and other minerals mining project would mean not only the destruction of thousands of hectares of forest ecosystem which is the home to several endangered plant and animal species but it would also cause widespread soil and water pollution. Moreover, the mining project would have negative effects on the environment and health of the local inhabitants who object to the building of the mine.

On the other hand, there is no obligation by law in Armenia to recultivate the land or provide compensation. The mined raw materials are supposed to be brought to Europe, Germany in particular. They will not be processed further in the mine itself so not even an economic benefit for the locals can justify the mining.

Visit the website of the “Save Teghut” initiative or the Facebook group.