Revitalization of Teghut sludge lagoon and prevention of environmental risks

Organization: EcoLur

Place: Teghut

Year: 2018


Environmental organization and information agency EcoLur works on the issue of mining in Armenia, which is usually not regulated enough. Campaign supported by NESEHNUTI was aimed at sludge lagoon affiliated to Teghut copper and molybdenum mine in the north of Armenia. The goal was to get the responsible administration to assess environmental damages caused by the lagoon and order its protection and revitalization.

Shortly after launching the campaign, the mining company, which was obliged to revitalize the sludge lagoon in a contract with the municipality, bankrupted. Lengthy process of passing the property to the bank which held obligations of the company started. Despite these adverse conditions, EcoLur managed to get the contract signed by the mining company and the municipality, mobilize the locals and prepare an analysis of legal violations which happened during decision-making processes. Based on the analysis, a complaint was filed; prosecutor started an administrative process considering sanctions, which haven’t been common in environmental cases in Armenia.