Public Affairs Club Initiative Group

Under the name of the Public Affairs Club, a group of local activists has been working long-term to improve the living conditions of stray animals (mainly dogs and cats) in Abkhazia. It also works to change the regulations used to protect animal rights.

Thanks to its tireless work and a well-targeted campaign, the group has achieved significant success in 2020. In response to its activities, the administration of the city of Sukhum/i in Abkhazia approved the redirection of funds previously earmarked for the cruel culling of stray animals towards a more humane and effective solution to the problem. The money will now be used to trap, vaccinate and sterilize the animals. A local animal shelter will also receive financial support.

In addition, the initiative has launched and operates a web platform http://animals-voice-abkhazia.com/ connecting organizations and active citizens interested in animal protection in Abkhazia. The website also creates a link between people looking to adopt an animal and specific animal shelters.