Protect yourself! Put on your mask!

The Social and Cultural Fund of Abkhazia is one of the most active Abkhazian civil society organizations. It has a long-standing commitment to media information verification and fact-checking, and also organizes online seminars on a variety of issues topical in Abkhazian society. The seminars, called Bity Chas, are regularly watched by hundreds of people.

At the height of the pandemic, the members of the organization focused on highlighting the benefits of protective measures to prevent the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 not only in Abkhazia. Their efforts resulted in the awareness-raising campaign Protect Yourself! Wear a mask! The campaign highlighted not only the risks of the disease but more importantly how to effectively stay safe from it. The campaign was mainly carried out on social media Facebook and Instagram, and the organization has also involved doctors. The general public’s awareness of protection measures has been sufficiently raised by the Social and Cultural Fund of Abkhazia in the public space through the use of various videos, banners, and posters.