News from the Mountains

The mountainous parts of Georgia are usually doing very badly economically. The Samtskhe-Javakheti region, where the mighty ridge of the Little Caucasus extends, is no exception. The predominant livelihood here is cattle breeding and potato growing, as the mountainous area does not offer many other opportunities. A large Armenian minority lives here, who do not usually speak Georgian. The locals are thus without almost any source of information.

NESEHNUTÍ supported a local group of five women who decided to start their own news channel JNews. NESEHNUTÍ offered the journalists not only financial resources, but also methodological advice on planning media development. It also organized expert training leading to improved media presentation in the online space and on social networks.

Despite major obstacles and initial setbacks, the journalists started something that many editorial staff dream of. In a short time, JNews had a huge audience of locals, they are one of the few sources of information that covers all kinds of topics from social, through culture to human rights or environmental issues.

Thanks to JNews, local residents are informed in their native language about what is happening in the country and thus have a better chance of participating in Georgian society.