Integration of Women from Villages via Social Media

Organization: Association „Women for Regional Development“

Location: Imereti region, Georgia

Year: 2012

One of the burning issues in Georgian society is an inequality of women in the job market, as well as in society in general. This problem is most visible in countryside regions in which the activities of the association “Women for Regional Development” concentrate.

The organization holds for the representatives of local schools in ten chosen villages of the Imereti region a cycle of seminars and workshops about the rights and possibilities of women, about entrepreneurship in the country (including practical examples of planning entrepreneurship), about innovations in countryside development and how to use informational technologies and new media.

It is quite usual for Georgian country women to seek advice from local women-teachers, so it is assumed that also this newly acquired knowledge and experience spreads easily among other women in the neighborhood. As a follow-up to the seminars a Facebook group was established, which the seminar participatents and other women can use to share information and contacts and put questions to expert lecturers leading the seminars.