Increasing ethnic minority participation in Samtskhe-Javakheti

Samtskhe-Javakheti Union of Journalists


The Samtsche-Javakheti region is located in the south-west of Georgia and has a strong representation of ethnic minorities, especially Armenian, but also e.g. Russian.

The local journalists were concerned that hardly anyone was paying attention to the problems of the local population and started covering them in a project supported by NESHNUTI.

In three villages of the region they organized a survey among the residents and identified the main problems that bother them. In one village, it was the lack of transport infrastructure, in the second, the current problem of spreading misinformation and fake news, and in the third, the problem of lack of grazing land and the difficulties associated with land ownership. In all three cases, the initiative journalists managed to establish communication with the village leaders, interpreted the problems of the local residents and together they sought solutions. 

In addition, they used their journalistic expertise and published several reports, videos and articles about specific problems in order to spread awareness of their existence to the local population and contribute to their solution (here and here).

In collaboration with partner organisation Abkhazintercont and a local facilitator, NESEHNUTI organised a campaign planning and campaign plan update where participants had the opportunity to plan together with two other supported initiatives from Telavi and Marneuli. NESEHNUTI also provided financial support for the implementation of the campaign and we were in regular contact with the initiative throughout the campaign.