In Marneuli, information will be available to national minorities

The Union of Azerbaijani Youth in Georgia works in the town of Marneuli, where a large Azerbaijani minority lives. Due to the language barrier, its members have difficulties in accessing up-to-date information. This has greatly affected their lives during the pandemic, when locals lacked information on accessing government assistance, legal aid, welfare benefits, etc.

In response, a project was set up to improve the local population's awareness of social security programs and the authorities responsible for them. The project particularly helps people with disabilities and residents of rural mountainous areas. It raises awareness of their rights and of topics connected to social security among the population. It also aims to increase access to health care and improve the overall living conditions of the local population. As part of the project, the Union of Azerbaijani Youth also wants to ensure that local authorities publish relevant information on their websites in languages that national minorities can understand. It should also provide legal advice and organize meetings with representatives of vulnerable groups. The project will involve disabled and otherwise vulnerable people from ethnic minority groups in seven villages in the Marneuli region. In addition to Azerbaijanis, this includes Georgians, Russians, and Armenians.