Hromadske.TV Kremenchuk

Organization: Hromadske.TV Kremenchuk
Location: Kremenchuk, Poltava Region, Central Ukraine
Year: 2014

In March of 2014 a group of journalists from Kremenchuk decided to leave the editorial staffs of state and oligarchy-owned newspaper and start their own media outlet Hromadske.TV Kremenchuk.

In their own words, the impetus for this step was the ever increasing pressure and censorship from the side of the employers and newspaper owners. Main motto of the newly formed initiative is the idea that every Ukrainian has the right to free access to information. The core of this initiative’s work is constituted by independent newscast from all spheres of public life (politics, economy, culture, sport) with an emphasis on discussions as the principal element of communication in a civic society.

The recording, processing and broadcasting of debates is a technically demanding process requiring adequate equipment and skills. The assistance of NESEHNUTÍ to this initiative in 2014 therefore consisted in a contribution to technical facilities (namely laptops, microphones, hard-disks, switches, batteries and servers) as well as to the salaries of the technical and IT staff, reporters and cameramen.

Part of the funds also went to cover the expenses associated with trips into regions impacted by the fighting from which Hromadske.TV Kremenchuk regularly reports. In all, NESEHNUTÍ supported the initiative by 6,715 Euros.

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