Hromadske.TV Cherkasy

Organization: Hromadske.TV Cherkasy
Location: Cherkasy, Cherkasy Region, Central Ukraine
Year: 2014

The first independent project in journalism of the Cherkasy Region whose objective lies in providing news independently of the government, political forces and parties of the oligarchs or other powerful businessmen and businesswomen.

It was founded by a group of young journalists-enthusiasts who began broadcasting reports on the events in the Cherkasy Region in spring of this year. Since it is an incipient civic TV channel which wants to fund its operation chiefly by contributions from viewers and individuals, NESEHNUTÍ decided to support the Cherkasy team in its early stages.

We decided to contribute to salaries of the journalists, cameramen, editors and the female project manager for six months from June to December of 2014. We also help them financially with maintaining the space where the editorial team is based. In total, NESEHNUTÍ will contribute to Hromadske.TV Cherkasy 8,560 Euros.

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