South Ossetia

How a Small Drop of Water Travels

Organization: University initiative group

Location: South Ossetia

Year: 2013

University students of the Faculty of Biology with their teacher have formed a group   which is engaged in a project dealing with the lack of environmental education in all types of schools in South Ossetia. Using two examples of the local environmental problems – poor quality of water in the South Ossetia city of Tskhinval/i and water pollution in the city lake – this group organize educational and awareness campaign.

The campaign includes lectures at schools, publishing of the informative materials for the public and competitions for students. The objective of these activities is to show the importance of environmental education at schools. The second part of the Group activities focuses on a specific environmental problem – pollution of local water sources by misconception of waste management. The aim of the group is to co-operate with the municipal government to create waste management system, which would prevent water pollution.