Green Wave

Organization: Sukhumi Youth House, Dune Club

Location: Abkhazia

Year: 2015

The “Green Wave” campaign would like to turn the decrepit and desolate park in downtown Sukhumi into a public and social life spot. At the helm of the campaign is a Dune youth club at the Sukhumi Youth House. It consists in specific activities directed at raising the park’s quality (trash clean-up, refurbishment of the benches, photo exhibition about the park’s origins, public events in the park) as well as in pressure on the municipal government to earmark funds for  regeneration and permanent maintenance of the park, its development and public use.

As part of the campaign round tables with public administration will be held as well as promotion of the issue of regenerating public spaces in the media. The campaign will also attempt to win over entrepreneurial entities for the campaign that would share in the park’s reconstruction.