Green Sukhum/i

Organization: Ekokiaraz

Location: Sukhum/i, Abkhazia

Year: 2013

Although Sukhum/i looks as a green city full of grown up trees in alleys and parks, the situation is beginning to change. Due to ineffective legislation, the trees are not adequately protected against cutting them down. Moreover, there is no organization protecting the vegetation in Sukhum/i. Or we should say: it did not exist until recently when the association Ekokiaraz started to inform the public about the protection of green areas, to monitor law compliance on the protection of nature and develop discussions on the possibility of empowering this law.

The members of this initiative meet with the members of the city council, address the possibilities of amending the laws regarding the protection of vegetation, inform the media, and plan to plant new trees in one of the city parks.