Free Access to Information in Abkhazia II.

Organization: Union of Journalists and Media Workers in Abkhazia

Location: Abkhazia

Years: 2014-2015

Independent association of journalists continues in the campaign aiming at enforcing such changes to the law on free access to information which would allow functional mechanism to be established that enables anyone to acquire almost any information from the authorities.

Besides lobbying for an adoption of amendments to the law proposed by the initiative, there is a plan to open public consultancy centre on free access to information where any citizen could get assistance with using the amended law in practice.

An awareness raising campaign about freedom of information as well as media publicity form part of the campaign.

To check the functionality of the amended law, the initiative will prepare and submit a bundle of information requests to different authorities obliged to provide the information.

The campaign is a follow-up on previous successful activities on free access to information and decriminalization of libel.