EducaTED Generation

Initiative: IQan

Place: Ochamchira, Abkhazia

Period: 2018-2019

This newly-established organization operates in the Ochamchira district, which is a neglected geographical area in terms of civic activities and civic initiatives. Mainly young people are active in the organization (some of them have benefited from the educational activities of NESEHNUTÍ) and their goal is to create an environment and a space for the civic engagement of young people, especially in the Ochamchira district.

As an activation method in Abkhazia they have chosen the innovative TEDtalk format (Technology, Education, Design) through which they plan to involve around 100 young people aged 15-25 in their activities. Through public discussions, intellectual debates, screenings of films with accompanying discussions, etc., they motivate young people to take interest in social issues such as civic activism, the role of the media, environmental protection, animal rights protection, or the problems of small towns.