Early Marriages are Violence, not a Tradition

Organization: AVANGARD

Location: Gal/i, Abkhazia

Years: 2016-2017

The campaign of the non-governmental organization follows up on the results of a survey that examined gender violence. AVANGARD conducted the survey in Eastern Abkhazia in 2015 with UNHCR support and the results confirmed that along with gender violence, early and forced marriages (“bride thefts”) are also a serious problem in the region. Under the slogan “Early Marriages are Violence, not a Tradition”, the organization initiated a campaign addressing the causes of the problem.

Within the campaign, a survey will study the causes and consequences of early marriages. A series of meetings, workshops and seminars for young people (aged 13-30 years) will spread the topic among this target group and some of the young people will engage in the activities of the campaign. A series of educational activities will be conducted in previously identified regions, through distribution of leaflets, TV spots and public discussions on the topic of reproductive health.

In remote rural areas, the youth will organize peer-to-peer discussions on the topic of forced and early marriages.