Campaign “Your Councilor”

Organisation: informal citizen iniciative “Awarness”

Place: Billhorod-Dnistrovskyi, the area of Odesa

Year: 2015

Conception of this campaign is not very traditional. This iniciative is working in a similiar vein of Czech projects and in order to work with local politicians who candidate in elecetions and have public posts for many years in a row.

This campagin wants to compare on public website how candidates fulfill promises from their campaign and how succesfully they work in their offices before this year’s autumn communal elecetions. Meanwhile they also want to make their contacts accesible for public to create public pressure and surveillance. Campaign’s goal is through showing the work of local councilors raise the number of citizens voting in the elections and also raising public’s interest in local politics in Belhorod- Dnistrovskyi.