Campaign which supports women in businesses in Poltava

Organisation: Association of women in Poltava  – “Churayivna”

Place: Poltava, The area of Poltava

Year: 2015

Poltavian non-profit organisation, whose name was inspired by mythical poet from Ukraine Marusja Čuraj, seeks in its campaign integration of gender equality into programme which supports businesses on administrative level in Poltava. Out of all Ukrainian residents 64% are women yet their share in usage of the support for business is deep under 50%. The programme should be accepted before communal elections in autumn take place.

The camapign wants to take this timing as an advantage. The area of Poltava remains one of the most controverse ones in gender issues, shown for example by the fact that Poltavian government led by Poltavian governor was the last one in Ukraine to accept the gender programme.