Campaign to establish housing for adults leaving orphanages

Initiative: “Alliance for Protection of Children´s Rights”

Place: Odessa, Odessa Oblast

Year: 2017

The Platform of Social Organizations in Odessa working with children from orphanages has been campaigning for a previously adopted but unfinished program to guarantee the housing to orphaned children leaving orphanages.

The specific objective of the campaign was to periodically allocate funds from regional, district and municipal budgets to increase the housing capacity of alternative shelters which facilitates easier integration and empowerment of disadvantaged orphans.

The campaign was 100% successful – five million hryvnia (about 160.000 EUR) and other five million hryvnia from district budgets were earmarked for this purpose for 2017, the same is in 2018. That’s 20 million in total.

These funds can enable the purchase or lease of 65 housing units (until now regional and district councils have decided to provide 13 million hryvnia) and moreover all together with a state program financing other 70 units this campaign is going to provide homes for 200 adult orphans. This figure represents approximately 10% of the target group in the Odessa region.