Campaign for transparent administration of forests

Organisation: informal citizen iniciative “Humans’ forest”

Place: Curupinks, Cherson area

Year: 2015

This inciative is trying to save a forest, through a citizens’ campaign,  which is a natural treasure, it has a statute of protected area and its enviroment is entirely unique. Nevertheless the area is being used for illegal extraction by extraction companies while police forces and authorities are aware of the situation but they are heavily bribed by extraction companies. T

his iniciative wants to raise awarness about this situation (which is quite similiar to situation at Šumava few years ago) firstly by making the corruption processes public and also by raising public surveillance over logging, secondly through enforcement of changes in law about extraction in protected areas stop illegal extraction in this and similiar cases. Period just before this year’s autumn communal elections seems to be the perfect opportunity. Fingers crossed for their success.