Better conditions for pedestrians in the Tbilisi suburb of Didi Dighomi

Initiative: Iare Pekhit

Place: Tbilisi, Georgia

Period: 2018-2019

The Tbilisi-based initiative called Iare Pekhit (“To Walk”), in cooperation with residents as well as the municipality, has launched research into the pedestrian traffic in the suburb of Didi Dighomi. Through this research, the initiative wants to use the best foreign methodologies to map the behavior and needs of pedestrians, as well as the biggest obstacles to their movement.

The results of the research was presented at a public hearing in spring 2019. Based on the outcomes of the discussion with the public, with political representatives and with the public administration, a draft plan for Didi Dighomi’s pedestrian traffic will be developed and promoted. Tbilisi is a city suffering greatly from overblown, aggressive personal vehicle traffic, bad-quality public transport, insufficient infrastructure for pedestrians, and a complete lack of infrastructure for cycling.

Iare Pekhit is a rare initiative that focuses on changing this situation and bringing traffic habits in Tbilisi closer to those of modern cities that provide a level playing field for different transportation options.