Today’s information space is characterised by the high speed of information exchange and wide access to content, providing great opportunities for communication and self-expression, exchange of ideas, opinions, knowledge and experience. It also provides up-to-date news and information on various topics, research, learning and development. Gives activists a powerful tool to organize, mobilize and spread the word about their ideas and goals.

However, the modern information space has its peculiarities and problems. The enormous amount of information available online can pose the problem of filtering and validating data. There are issues of confidentiality and protection of personal data. There is also the danger of spreading unverified or false information, which can lead to misconceptions and manipulation of public opinion. On the other hand, each community group has its characteristics and context, so it is equally important to adapt the information strategy to the specific situation and needs of the society. And at the same time, activists need to talk about “live” issues that may stand out from the general information flow but are no less important.

Together we can create a safe public information space and learn how to work with information for the public good. Apply to ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp – an informal space for mutual learning – to discuss challenges and solutions with more than 40 activists from Armenia and guests from other countries.  

The ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp will focus on presenting, discussing and providing concrete examples of how to work with information in public space. 

How does the information we receive affect society and what are the current trends in the development of the information space in Armenia? What is manipulative rhetoric and how can it be countered? What is the power of civic campaign? How can the topics and issues addressed by activists be brought up to date at a time when the world is “going crazy”? How to talk about conflict and why? What can be done using communication through art? What does it mean security these days? We will try to find answers to such difficult and complex questions together at the ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp!

If you are interested in broadening your understanding of public participation and impact, learning about best practices in investigative journalism and environmental journalism, sharing your own experiences and starting to work together with colleagues from other countries – we are waiting for your application!

What to expect from the event?

We design the ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp on the basis of our values of universality, collective approach and shared responsibility. That’s why we are sure that these 3 days will fill the space with inspiration, new knowledge and an informal exchange of views and experiences with interesting activists and facilitators from different countries.

You’re in for a treat:

  • inspiring discussions instead of long lectures
  • a balanced and person-centred approach instead of a busy programme
  • diverse and creative activities instead of traditional sessions
  • practically tested solutions on the topic instead of outdated theoretical information
  • discussing the heart of the matter instead of meaningless formal speeches

Does this sound like the perfect plan? We invite you to join us and do your part!

The ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp programme will include several “free windows” that participants can use for their seminars, workshops, presentations and other events.

The blocks will be as interactive as possible and last 45 minutes each, including the final discussion. If you want to use this space, indicate this in your application (it will contain a special section). To get a better understanding of the BarCamp philosophy – follow this link.

Profile of those involved

Activists, staff of non-profit organisations, journalists, researchers and others interested in the topics of ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp.

”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp invites participants from Armenia. from the age of 18 years.

Official languages

The official languages of the ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp are English and Russian.


The ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp will take place 15-17 September 2023 (arrival 14 September evening, departure 17 September evening).


The ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp will take place in the resort of Armenian Camp by Lake Sevan.

Cost of the programme

The organizers provide accommodation and vegetarian meals (no meat and fish products) during the program days, as well as reimburse travel expenses to and from the venue. However, there is a non-refundable fee for each participant in the amount of 2000 Armenian drams. This amount will have to be paid if you are selected and invited to participate in the event. The fee is non-refundable if you are unable to attend the event after confirming your participation and payment for any reason. A separate fund will be created from the fees collected, which will be used as part of our Barkamp.

Since we are talking about a camp – ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp and the location of the Armenian Camp, the desire of participants to live in tents is welcomed (tents and sleeping bags are provided). Showers and toilets will be on-site, as well as beautiful views of magical Sevan!

How to apply

Fill in a short application form by 20 August 2023. As the number of places is limited, a selection process is envisaged for applications. All applicants and applicants will be informed of the results of the selection by 3 September 2023 at the latest.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact: (Aliona, Russian preferred) or (Jaromir, English preferred).

”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp organisers

For more than 10 years, the Czech NGO NESEHNUTI (NESEHNUTI – Independent Social and Environmental Movement) and our Initiative Way programme have been supporting civil society initiatives in Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus to change their communities for the better and address important issues.

We feel responsible for what is happening around us and we want changes in society that bring more justice and equality. We want to have an open society made up of engaged people who can talk to each other. A society based on respect for nature, people and animals. We encourage communities and individuals to behave with respect for the ecological and social context. We accept responsibility as an integral part of freedom.

We organise ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp together with:

Centre for Community Mobilization and Support NGO (CCMS) was founded in 2009 in the city of Alaverdi, Lori region of RA and until now has carried out more than 50 programs in various fields. Currently, the organization works in 8 regions of the RA. The organization is active at local and national and international levels. 

The main areas and directions of CCMS activities are environmental issues, the development of community activism, regional media, public journalism and human rights. 

CCMS seeks to develop a democratic, proactive and informed society with self-confident citizens. 

Partners of  ”Create, Share & Act” BarCamp are Prague Civil Society Centre and Armenian Camp

The project is organised with the support of: