BarCamp in Vanazdor focuses on human rights, the environment and independent media

, 2018-04-16

Civil BarCamp-Vanadzor 2018 is going to be held from 13 to 15 April 2018  in Vanadzor at the initiative of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor and the Czech organization NESEHNUTÍ-Independent Social Ecological Movement.

The BarCamp is going to join more than 70 activists from the South Caucasus, the Czech Republic and Russia. The participants are going to share their experience of civic campaigns, provide successful and unsuccessful examples, discuss issues related to human rights and the environment as well as talk about the problems that independent media face and current issues such as misinformation and propaganda.

Within the framework of the BarCamp, various experienced and newly established South Caucasus non-governmental organizations working in the human rights and environmental fields, will have the opportunity to consider new opportunities and platforms for cooperation.

Apart from the lecturers, the BarCamp participants will also have the opportunity to share their experience. Over 15 lectures, workshops and discussions are scheduled for the 3 days of the BarCamp.

“In terms of its format, the Civic BarCamp is one of a kind in Vanadzor and is an essential step aimed at the formation of civic solidarity in the South Caucasus against the authoritarian tendencies manifested in the region,” says Artur Sakunts, the chairmain of HCA Vanazdor.

Civic BarCamp Vanadzor is implemented by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor and NESEHNUTÍ – Independent Social Ecological Movement in the framework of the project titled “To Increase Civic Engagement in Armenia” with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Open Society Foundations-Armenia (Grant N19792).The opinions expressed in the framework of the BarCamp are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions and positions of the donors.

Ophelia Zalyan (Armenian, English)
Irena Markova (Czech, English, Russian)

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